Launching on Oct. 26th 2014. The World’s First Online School of Car Design

24 Октября 2014, 16:08

Anyone in the world can take the high quality classes from anywhere, anytime.

Launching on Oct. 26th 2014. The World’s First Online School of Car Design

NORI, inc. (HQ: Kanagawa, Japan; CEO: Yu Nakasone) will launch an English version of its car design educational program on October 26th. Known as the Car Design Academy, it is supervised by Nori Kurihara, an internationally renowned designer in the automotive field. The program offers students a chance to learn and acquire fundamental skills necessary for all car designers—such as sketching techniques and styling design —through an online study system that utilizes original textbooks and videos created specifically for this program.


Why Create This Program?

As you may know, in order to become a car designer one must attend a college that offers the appropriate specialized courses. Attendance is very costly. Unfortunately many students had to give up their dream to become a car designer because of this expense. The Car Design Academy was established by professionally seasoned designers who wanted to change this situation. By offering an online program, a high quality educational program is easily accessible to all students. It is a meaningful project that seeks to nurture the hidden talents of potential car designers from every corner of the world.


Lesson start: Feb 6th, 2015

Deadline: Jan 31st, 2015

Principal: Yu Nakasone

Director:Nori Kurihara

Instructor: Takeru Can, Miki Hattori, Takayuki Yamazaki



Nori Kurihara


In 1975 Nori started his career as a designer at Honda R&D where he worked on motorcycle projects. In 1979 he joined Form Design (Ital Design) and developed designs for European (BMW, Fiat, VW, Seat, Volvo) and Japanese car companies, as well as designing cameras, watches, eyeglasses, and motorcycles. In 1982 he moved to Ford Europe (England and Germany) and paticipated projects, Fiesta, Escort, Scorpio, and Transit. After moving back to Japan in 1985, he established DCI (Design Club International, inc.) in Hakone. He worked on Renault, Citroen, and Porche cars and also many design projects for Japanese car companies. In fifteen years, DCI became a Japan' s elite design company. In 2001 Nori inc. was started. Through this venue, Nori has been participating in car design projects, as well as providing consultation for design projects worldwide. As a designer for production cars, Nori' s name is highly confidential. He has been writing articles for automotive and motorcycle magazines for a long time, while his main focus now is teaching in Japanese colleges and at the Car Design Academy.



photo23Takeru Can = Born in Okinawa, 1983. He graduated from the Kuwasawa Design School and later joined NORI, inc. He work on a wide range of projects, although mainly car designs. In 2014 he was inaugurated as design director at NORI, inc.

Miki Hattori = Started his career at Opel where he spent seven years with Hideo Kodama, a well-known Japanese pioneer designer working globally. After that, Miki moved to Stile Bertone in Tornio, Italy, and worked on a wide variety of design projects. In 1992 he returned to Japan to join Future Technology Laboratories and later established is own design company.

Takayuki Yamazaki: He started his career at Honda R&D in 1995. He conceived, made, and designed Ape and Zoomer. His recent design project is Giorno, the scooter for young people. At the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show his designs of moto compo and Grom gathered attention from all over the world. In 2012 he left Honda to become an independent designer.


pic2346Eiji Mitooka: Born in Okayama, Japan, 1947. CEO of Don Design Associates. He worked on many design projects relating to public transportation cars, including the Kyushu Shinkansen train. He does a wide range of design work, including industrial, interior, and costume design and illustration.

Car Design Academy I NORI, inc.
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Phone: +81 (0)465 – 20 – 0112
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