Европа "утопает" в воде

14 Января 2011, 15:10

epa02526613 An aerial photo shows the flooded old town of Wertheim, Germany, 12 January 2011. On the left, one can see the river Tauber and on the right the river Main. The flood situation at the Main prevails to be tensed up. EPA/DANIEL KARMANN
epa02527969 A man walks through the flooded city centre of Backnang, Germany, 13 January 2011. Constant rainfall has caused floods in Backnang. According to police officials in Waiblingen, several streets and parking lots are flooded near the Murr river. EPA/UWE ANSBACH
epa02526593 An aerial view showing a flooded camping area in De Weerd, Netherlands, 12 January 2010. The water levels continue to rise in Netherlands, while predicted rainfall in the next days is expected cause the rivers to rise again. EPA/KOEN VAN WEEL
epa02528151 Boys row an inflatable boat along a flooded street in Kerkdriel, The Netherland on 13 January 2011 where reports state taht around 250 mobile homes are flooded by high water from the river De Maas. EPA/WIM HOLLEMANS
epa02528769 An aerial photo made available 14 January 2011 shows a collapsed bridge over the flooding river Sajo in Northeast Hungary 13 January . An emergency situation in Northeast Hungary was declared by Hungary's National Directorate General for Disaster Management on13 January so that preparatory work according to a contingency plan can be performed as a flood surge is seen imminent. EPA/SANDOR H SZABO HUNGARY OUT

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